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Off-White x Jordan 4 Raffle not working

Everytime I try to click the "NEXT" button, it will not proceed to the next section of the raffle entry.

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I'm having the same trouble trying to join the raffle for the jordan 4 off white. Hit the next button nothing happens....

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Same here. Actually none of the draws are working.

Like wise the raffle is bugged all of them

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Same here. I managed to join i think a yeezy raffle last week, but all the raffles currently will not work. This is frustrating since there is no answer or support  to this issue. 

Same here does't  work. 

I’m very disappointed with this whole raffle process. I’m an avid shopper here and this is the first time I’ve felt so let down by you Feature. I was hoping to cop a pair of the Jordan 4 Off-White here. I entered your raffle. I even opened up my bank account to see what was going on and I had a pending charge from Feature. No confirmation, nothing. I went back to double check and it’s still pending. What’s going on?
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